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About Me

I'm here to be part of your team, fulfill your expectations with skill, and assist you in the success of your project.

I love my work and collaborating together will benefit both of us. Let's record!


I'm that versatile improv VO actor who swings from calm conversational zany...with lots in between.

Dialects and accents are also in my wheelhouse. Oh, and I can also pronounce those really, really hard words in your technical copy too.


All this comes from 20 + years of training and working as a professional actor and  amassing more than 2000 projects in Commercial, Film, TV, Animation, Narration, New Media, Game, and "Live" leadership presentations.


Of course, none of this would've been possible without my amazingly supportive wife, five children, and two rescue cats.


You want more about me?  OK, I...

*love to travel the world

*love all my action figures that now take up an entire room

*love to eat burgers, pizza, Italian, Chinese...and have acid reflux

*love to DIY my house

*love to serve my community

*love to play disc golf and pickleball

*love rollercoasters

*love to make the world a better place, embracing peace and joy

My VO training includes:  

  • Ginny McSwain - Emmy Award winning, Animation Voice Director

  • Joyce Castellanos - "VO Mama" Coach/Director 

  • Linda Bearman - VO Coach/Director (former VO agent)

  • Leigh Gilbert - VO Coach/Director (former VO agent) 

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